Of Dogs and Men and Mr. Bob

Frost covered ground, steaming vapor emitted therefrom,
Sets the stage for sport, even a way of life for some.
‘Tis here presented a most thrilling game of birds and dogs and men,
For whom the purpose of said game is purely to play, not win...

This most cherished of pastimes for pauper and prince alike
Relegates to regal stature our old friend and cousin, Bobwhite.

A dignified little gentleman, Mr. Bob is really a bird
But to so ordinarily describe him would be a bit absurd,
For his ancestry is one of royalty, truly a crown he wears
And to place upon him a lesser wreath is a thought we must forebear.

Of dogs and men and Mr. Bob, the game is grandly begun,
With never a thought of wits or skill nor of the game having won.

‘Tis a task of a brace of dogs guided with a master’s hand
To seek in polished fashion, in response to his command,
The whereabouts of Mr. Bob who in wooded covert resides-
Advantage of which he takes when circumstances require he hide.

And hide he must this fine day, for in panoramic view we see
A pointer bold and setter strong- the master is surely pleased-
As both dogs in haughty style indicate as a matter of fact
The location of Mr. Bob, precise and exact.

With heads and tails aloft, a picture of sculptured grace,
A vision worth a thousand words but words alone too commonplace.

Asserting himself now is the master, pacing to the fore,
Cradling his favorite piece, twin barrels choked open bore.

Mr. Bob and his brethren foreseeing their serious plight,
Erupt in winged fury with no direction to their flight.
The loudly responsive percussion, as if in a battle hard fought,
Belied the success of the master, for his efforts were futile and for naught

But no slower was the step of the master nor was dimmed the gleam in his eye-
For he knew as do all sporting men ‘twas not his to reason why-
Knowing there’s no criteria for failure or success,
But measuring satisfaction simply by doing his best.

He had trod afield before and most surely would again.
So had it been with others, thus would it be with him...
For deep inside the master knew there was much more to the plan
Than simply a game with Mr. Bob consisting of dogs and men.

Craig Marion Brown

In Memory Of:

Marion M. Brown, Albany, GA.
June 12, 1920 - August 6,1995

David T. Montfort, Reynolds, GA
November 20, 1926 - September 20,1997

Glen Havens Ginny, PF
December 3, 1987 - August 6, 2000

First Printing: 1985; Revised 2000