Wilcox County Investment River, timber and Hunting Property

Georgia Land For Sale


GOOD AS lT GETS - multi dimensional investment grade timberland with approx. 400 acres planted pines in three age classes up to 7 years old with site index off the charts. The open expanses shown in photos are planted in two (+-) year old pines - all bordered or surrounded by older hardwoods. lt is unusual to find a river property of this size that permits majority usage even when high water is a factor. Vintage stands of vast hardwoods are prominent along a three mile stretch of scenic riverfront as well. Deer hunting is exceptional as is turkey hunting. Frequent opportunity exists to harvest high scoring antlered deer and deer population is high as are turkey numbers. Wild hogs provide year 'round hunting. BUT THlS IS VERY LIKELY A WORLD CLASS WATERFOWL PROPERTY. Duck shooting waters include natural springs, acorn rich river sloughs plus textbook oxbow lake and other interior landlocked waters. A river island is a perpetual sanctuary for all wildlife. We have firsthand knowledge of the superb fishing here - in multiple locations. Especially noteworthy is the remarkable size of White Perch/Crappie and size and numbers of river bream.

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