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Unique opportunity to own a blue chip hunting property with timber, high deer population, textbook habitat for trophy class deer - all in one of the Southeast"s premier record book counties. There are turkeys here. Setback off of paved highway 300 between Oakfield and Warwick, GA. this property adjoins Boone and Crockett producing Aultman Forest on two sides with mixed farming and woodland other sides. Terrain is flat with cypress ponds, oak thickets, and uplands of pine Sawtimber. Owned by same family since 1984 the decision has been made to sell. Lake Blackshear and the Flint river is 5 minutes away. This the perfect hunting complement to a lakeside dwelling. Minutes off of I-75 near Cordele. Some residential influence impacts approach from highway but encroachment is virtually impossible from within the confines of the tract.due to neighboring wetlands and rugged forest. Bowhunting here may be as good as it gets............a bonus is a camp location at property's edge with power, well and mobile home. Mobile home is not in good shape but nonetheless this camp location makes this property a complete package.

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Worth, Georgia
Approx. Acres
64.23 (+-)

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