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Opportunity for a buyer to custom design his own hunting place! Owner will allow sale of the woodland portion of the 260 acre farm as shown for sale on our property list. See photos. He would keep the farmland. Map as shown is for illustration purposes only but could resemble subject tract ultimately if owner agrees. The east property line is creek with hardwood swamp that is a bona fide deer holding sanctuary in our opinion. We are told the place is wrapped up with turkeys. This is an acknowledged big deer area and we have photos of other bucks taken along this same creek corridor. The two bucks pictured were harvested here recently. The 160 acre figure shown here is result of GPS guess work and could be more or less, depending on purchaser. There are utilities on paved road frontage. Several pretty timbered elevations are present in the back of the property distanced from any road noise and encroachment - for possible cabin sites.. WE WILL CONVEY ALL OFFERS ON THIS PARCEL! Owner will finance. This is a sleeper..............!!

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Terrell, Georgia
Approx. Acres
160 (+-)

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