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The ultimate Deer and Turkey property perhaps for sale in Georgia. Supreme privacy, surrounded by timberland, distanced from any traffic. 20-30 acres in various plantings for wildlife, feeders serviced constantly, plus intense trophy Whitetail management. Documented 150" Bucks but astounding numbers of Deer as well. Randolph County is a QDM (Quality Deer Management) county. Randolph and Terrell counties are well known for outstanding hunting and Trophy class Whitetail Deer are well documented here. Turkey population is excellent with an abundance of Turkey woods (high overstory, clean hardwood understory). There may be as many Turkeys here as any place we have ever had for sale. A mile of major Creek frontage is an eastern boundary, approx. 175 acres is in 14(+-) year old planted pines with a balance in predominately upland hardwood-as if by design seemingly perfect wildlife habitat. A tastefully fully furnished mobile home has all utilities plus covered porch overlooking upper reaches of the larger of two ponds. Also included are a guest trailer, walk-in cooler, tractor and equipment, storage buildings, Kawasaki Mule,etc. Topography is rolling to level and is pleasing to the eye. This is an exceptional property located 12 miles from Dawson, Georgia via U.S. Highway # 82 from I-75 (at Tifton). Note: There is an adjoining 400 acre lease-all timberland-which joins the subject property south and west......

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Terrell and Randolph , Georgia
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