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75% of the tract is a beautiful mix of mostly older pine and hardwoods along a winding creek corridor that contains at least two natural Duck shooting locations. A site exists that could accommodate a large lake ( there is an existing 3 acre pond). This waterway is almost 1 and 1/2 miles long and provides twice that amount of edge cover for an excellent population of Whitetail Deer and Eastern Wild Turkey. Sumter County is a Flint River county and is noted for producing trophy class Whitetail Bucks countywide. The approximate 25% balance of land here is in scattered hayfields and pasture, most surrounded by timberland. The patchwork layout of these fields is very pleasing to the eye and serves as a virtual playground for the numbers of wild Turkey that are found here. It should be noted that Dove shooting is said to be legendary on this farm. It appears that any number of open places could be easily adapted to Dove and Quail shooting fields or even agricultural interests. Subtle sweeping elevations offer panoramic views in a couple of places and suggest cabin/lodge/house sites. Intense deer management has taken place for the last 3-4 years and mature antlered deer are impressive.

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Sumter, Georgia
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